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Boxhead 2play Unblocked

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boxhead How to Play the GameBoxhead Unblocked, yes even the name is so suggestive that something is going to be blown up, unblocked, unmasked or probably shoot down. And yes, when you play Boxhead 2play, there are many zombies you will be shooting down, quite literally. Because you are here, I will assume you are a gamer just like me…so you know, I love gaming. This game, Boxhead 2play was developed by Crazy Monkeys and released in 2006. These guys are really good at this and apart from this game there have other numerous games for you to sample. So basically, as I have highlighted before, all you have to do is shoot zombie characters in presented as boxes and advance from level to level. Of course, the complexity increases as you climb up the ladder not like the ordinary. Boxhead 2play Unblocked targets all fun loves out there and it’s about your character killing a zombie or you being killed. It’s that easy. All you have to do is make Jon Bambo, your character, annihilate all zombies as you maneuver through the little map given. The more you kill, the more you get weapons. Weapon complexity goes by a one multiplier. You also get to control the map better and are cushioned but on the flip side your villains will be moving faster and are deadlier. The controls are pretty easy too. If you are a single player use the following keys: Movement use your up, down, left or right keys or W, A, S, D to move and change directions at will ; Shooting-space bar ; Weapons change, weapons using 0-9keys or using keys Q-E. Boxhead 2play Unblocked is fun and dynamic, if you are alone you can engage the Single Player Mode, if you are not, use the Death mode or Cooperative mode. Try both, read the instructions for each mode and enjoy the different features present in this game.

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